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5to9 Productions specialises in high-end nature, history, adventure and science programmes. Our producers deliver to clients such as National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, UK terrestrials and Al Jazeera English. We have also worked extensively in Qatar providing material to the National Day Office.

SILVER FERN FARMS Corporate Videos

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

5to9 Productions has recently created several videos for Silver Fern Farms (New Zealand's leading producer of premium quality lamb, beef and venison) and we look forward to continuing the relationship. We would also welcome approaches from other corporate clients who need a creative, high-quality product to promote their business.
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Portfolio Showcase

Wildlife Warzone (6 x 30 mins)
Conservation Documentary

Mark Strickson (producer/director) and Stephen Downes (cameraman/director/editor). 5to9 Productions for Al Jazeera English.

We follow six young men through training and on patrol as anti-poaching rangers in South Africa. Our rangers speak Xhosa, Tsonga, Zulu, Afrikaans and English. The series provides a rare chance to hear black and coloured South Africans talk in their own language about what concerns them. What they say provides a new and surprising perspective on wildlife poaching.

Dream 2030 (5 x 30 mins)

Mark Strickson (executive producer), Jayashree Panjabi (series producer) and Stephen Downes (cameraman/editor). A Rock Wallaby production for Qatar National Day Committee.

A group of children are transported to 2030 to experience their dream job. This multi-million dollar production mixes reality sequences with both animation and graphics in the style of ‘Minority Report’.

Killer Dragons (50 mins)
Wildlife Documentary

Mark Strickson (producer/director) and Stephen Downes (cameraman/editor). An NHNZ production for National Geographic.

This film revealed for the first time that Komodo dragons have large venom glands in their mouths. The scientific research the film was based on re-wrote the book on how dragons kill and the evolutionary path of the species. The film also contains superb sequences of dragon behavior shot totally in the wild on Rinca Island in Indonesia.

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